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Sparkle Mats Reviews

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Customer (Mukwonago, US)
Beyond my expectations

I had shoulder surgery and suffer from chronic pain. I had heard of another product that is considerably more expensive that the sparklemat and does not have red light in it and it was recommended I use that for pain management and to help recover. I borrowed a sparklemat from a friend and have been blown away by how good i feel using it. I would never consider using something more expensive that doesn't have all the features of the sparklemat. I am a believer for life. I am also stoked that this company was started because they wanted to bring a high quality product to a population in need and to do it at affordable prices!

Very excited to heal more

Just getting to learn the mat. Currently do pemf treatment and show really positive results. Very excited to heal more.

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
T Hedeen (Orlando, US)
Very happy with our decision

Very happy with our decision to purchase our sparkle mat. Order came on time and as expected. Have been using our sparkle mat for several weeks (daily) and have noticed a significant improvement in joint pain and overall better sleep. Would highly recommend and will continue to work through all of the PEMF options (love ZEN the best so far).

Love this!

I adore this mat. My muscles have relaxed and I've slept better as a result.

Portable Mat (20″ x 20″)
John clapper (Gatesville, US)
20 inch Sparkle Mat

We recently purchased the small mat to assist my wife recover from a muscle tear that had been misdiagnosed as sciatica. Mary has used the Sparkle Mat daily and in this short time is reporting the pain nearly gone

So far okay

Everything is going OK so far. I've been enjoying using it for the past week or so since I got it. eager to observe any long-term improvements in healing, stress reduction, and other areas. We were going to purchase one of the popular brand-name mats that one of our doctors uses, but after some research, we found Sparkle Mat, which was less than half the cost and included two more modalities, including PEMF. Within a few days, customer care responds to inquiries and takes its time to provide comprehensive responses. Just a heads up: Only specific areas of the mat will register with the PEMF strength tester (the little magnet inside the plastic tube that comes with the mat).
I was initially worried that there might be a mat issue, but after seeing videos of individuals using identical testers on different brands, I realized that everything was fine and that the tester only reacted to the mat's PEMF emitters.

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Rebecca Adney (San Antonio, US)
Love this mat

I love everything about this mat and use it almost everyday!


So far so good, nice and relaxing! I had a nice peaceful theta meditation and also a good sweat before I showered

Love this mat

I absolutely love this mat. There are so many crystals and the heat is so relaxing. Good communication with the company when I had a problem.

Good quality

The shipping was fast and seems to be of good quality. I like it.

Set up was easy

We just received ours an hour ago, and in less than 30 minutes, my wife and I completed PEMF. The matting was neatly wrapped. Despite the weight, there were no shipping damage issues.

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Mary Anderson (Castle Rock, US)
Spectacular sparkle experience…….

This is my 2 week review of the Sparkle Mat which was recommended by our friends in Steamboat, CO on our weekend ski adventure. I was intrigued post skiing with the far infrared heat therapy and hot gemstone therapy. The treatment relaxed my muscles and made me feel great. I ordered the Sparkle on the drive home to Castle Pines, CO. I have utilized the Sparkle twice daily since receiving the unit 2 weeks ago. I am very active with biking and skiing and the morning session helps to relax my muscles and get me ready for my active day. My evening session is a time I play some meditation music, burn a candle and set a PEMF Program to promote deep sleep and ease my body into a restful state. So far, It has been a very useful tool in my health journey. Sparkle On!

Very relaxing

This is a wonderful addition to my self care regimen. It is very relaxing and helps me sleep better.

Great price for a great mat

Present I recently received; excited to use; highly recommended

Can't wait!

When I bought this mat I was unsure if it would be worth it. I have experience with the expensive bio mat and at that rate, I would never be able to afford one. I have used this mat a few times now and absolutely love it. I do wish I bought the longer one, although I can move it down depending on which area of the body I want it on (to save money). The carrying bag and cover are a nice addition. I have used the different settings and have felt benefits from them all. I really enjoyed the sleep one, though I will have to try it before I sleep as it was really awkward to sleep on for someone who moves a lot like I do. I highly recommend this mat, and can't wait to use it with clients.

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
RV (Williamsport, US)
Self care and healing tool

Have been using the full size mat daily since receiving it 60 days ago. I have found it to be beneficial for relaxation and healing, as well as an intentional tool for dedicated self care. Whereas I previously had difficulty making self care a priority, I look forward to the use of this mat and have found it to be much easier to include regularly.

Mini Mat (32″ x 20″)
S.W. (Miami, US)

Love love love this mat. It’s all in one and helps me sleep more than anything!

Great way to reset

A sparkle mat is an excellent tool for refocusing, finding serenity, and setting aside time for mindfulness. One of my favorite purchase!

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Kim Beaulieu (Aurora, US)
Matt in the Mountains

I purchased the matt for our family after having sore muscles from skiing.
The whole family loved the warmth and healing properties.
My daughter had sore muscles from a cold or flu as well and it really helped her relax.

It is working!

Before going to bed, I used it on the PEMF deep sleep setting, and I did really experience true deep slumber. Additionally, having the focus setting for writing and creative moments has been nice to me. This mat is good. I suggest!

Easy to setup

Both setting up and using the Sparkle Mat was simple. It is very easy to use and intuitive to use thanks to the clear and convenient buttons. The timer-equipped warm infrared was a great aid.


Beautiful, incredibly real, and extremely thorough user manual. I'm investigating it and feeling rooted, eager to investigate the various types, all of which are described in the user guide. Strong

Deeper and more restorative meditations …

Two months ago, I bought the crystal heating sparkle mat as a gift for an energy worker friend of mine. I asked my buddy about her experience using the sparkle mat for self-care as well as for clients. After their healing session, clients tell her that they feel a noticeable, positive energy increase and that the sparkling mat provides extra warmth. My buddy reports that when she uses the mat for self-care, her meditations are more profound and healing.

Feels Great

Just delivered but looks and feels great.

Mini Mat (32″ x 20″)
Jacqueline Nemeth
Fantastic Mat

Fantastic Matt - I love it Love embedded crystals and infrared lights

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