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Sparkle Mats Reviews

Based on 428 reviews
Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Kim Beaulieu (Aurora, US)
Matt in the Mountains

I purchased the matt for our family after having sore muscles from skiing.
The whole family loved the warmth and healing properties.
My daughter had sore muscles from a cold or flu as well and it really helped her relax.

Deeper and more restorative meditations …

Two months ago, I bought the crystal heating sparkle mat as a gift for an energy worker friend of mine. I asked my buddy about her experience using the sparkle mat for self-care as well as for clients. After their healing session, clients tell her that they feel a noticeable, positive energy increase and that the sparkling mat provides extra warmth. My buddy reports that when she uses the mat for self-care, her meditations are more profound and healing.

Feels Great

Just delivered but looks and feels great.

Mini Mat (32″ x 20″)
Jacqueline Nemeth
Fantastic Mat

Fantastic Matt - I love it Love embedded crystals and infrared lights

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Anna (Brunswick, US)

Recently purchased the full body mat and so far we are LOVING it. Has helped with relaxation and improved nights sleep. Even our kids have enjoyed the benefits.
Definitely worth the purchase! I have recommended to multiple family and friends.

I'm impressed

Overall I am impressed so far. It was well packaged, complete with a carrying case, and it came with info to guide in the use of the mat.


Thus far, I am impressed overall. Along with a carrying case and instructions for using the mat, it was neatly wrapped.

No complaints for the product

Overall great experience. No complaints for the product. I may purchase one for a friend

Very well designed

I’m so excited to get started with my new mat. It seems to be very well designed.

Mini Mat (32″ x 20″)
Kareen Anderson
Aesthitically Beautiful

Got my mat delivered 1 day earlier than stated at time of order, so review is based on order & delivery. I have not tried it yet, but it’s all set up to try later today. Will provide further update as time goes on. Aesthetically, it’s a beautiful mat. Appears sturdy and easy to move around.

Piece of Art

Magnificent ! A real piece of art! Can’t wait to try the sparkle mode!

Sparkle Mat

My girlfriend is in love with the Sparkle Mat that I got her for Christmas! Being a Master Practitioner of Reiki, she is eager to spread its healing to others. She immediately unpacked it, turned it on, studied the manual, and enjoyed a peaceful evening. She is taking advantage of every modality that the mat offers. I am so excited for her to allow me to use it!

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Raynelle Preciado

Beautiful and very well made. The quality is better than I expected. Defiantly worth the investment.

Best purchase in a long time.

Gorgeous and superbly crafted. The quality exceeds my expectations. Definitely worth the financial outlay.

This mat is amazing!!

This Sparkle Mat is amazing have been sleeping better and pain relief is fast!

Great for healing

Great for healing love it want another one best pain relief ever

Overall everything has been great

Overall everything has been great but I have not had the mat that long. Hopefully it will continue to be great!

Love this mat

Love this mat! Securely packaged and easy set up. Fits my massage table perfectly. Was using with in 5 minutes. I have been diagnosed with cancer and was told a mat like this would be good for fighting the cancer and pain releif. I was asleep in 10 minutes !

Great experience

Great experience. Received in 1 day. Feeling relaxed after use.

As promised, the characteristics are soothing.

I adore the many features on this mat. Excellent quality, calming, and healing.

Mini Mat (32″ x 20″)
Rhonda Kamai-Kekela

I just got this today and later for 20 minutes and my back feels calmer. Two decades ago I had a back injury and I have chronic pain.

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
John Oei (Los Angeles, US)
Slept Very Well

After using the SparkleMat, I can sleep much much better.

So far so good

So far it has been great. I feel calm and relaxed. It appears to help my dog too!

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Emily (Omaha, US)
Nice Mat

Very happy with this purchase!

Restoring and centered

As a Reiki practitioner and retreat leader, I frequently carry this mat with me for one-on-one sessions, which my clients find to be very beneficial. I increase the heat a little bit if someone is in pain, and one of my clients has now bought their own mat! Strongly advised for pain alleviation and anchoring

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