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Sparkle Mats Reviews

Based on 374 reviews
Very nice!!

I am a Entheogen Medicine Therapist, and this is one of the greatest tool that I was dreaming on having. It helps me and my patients in so many different ways. Thank you for coming up with this design that is helping so many people!

easy setup

Simple setup; performs as promised. It makes me feel great after applying it. lessening of pain

Well made!

Beautiful mat. Very well made. Quality and benefits are amazing. Highly recommended worked amazingly. Bought the full mat

Totally recommended

I get good energy physically from the colors, even from the first moment I felt more energy and better quality during sleep. In addition, it has different modes of use. I recommend it !


Love it, lovely mat. Very highly advised

Sparkle mat is warm and cozy

My husband and I both adore this sparkle mat, despite the fact that it is not quite long enough to accommodate his height. Given how well-liked it is, we might need to establish a sharing timetable.
He uses it every day and utilizes it to sleep. I appreciate the timer because it means I don't have to worry if he nods off on it.
It includes an easy-to-use remote control, heats up rapidly, and is also stunning to look at.
There were a few jagged crystals that initially protruded, but I was able to quickly massage them back into the mat.
Overall, this was a fantastic purchase.


It's so soothing! Amazing product. Another one will be brought in and placed on top of me. my hubby gets an extra one.

WEasy to use

Makes me feel refreshed and wanting more. Easy to use and many options

Mini Mat (32″ x 20″)
H.F. (Waterford, US)
Thumbs up! ♥️

I’ve only had my full size mat one week & I can say I’m already very pleased. I’ve been using it twice a day for an hour each time and I can tell my back pain is noticeably better.
The mat itself is surprisingly comfortable and heats up very quickly. I’m super impressed with the 5 functions it’s capable of for the price. The PEMF alone costs way more through different companies so well done Sparkle mats.
I’m so impressed I’m considering purchasing the 2 other sizes as well. The medium size one to put on my recliner to use while I’m watching tv & the small one to use in my home office when I work from home and to use for my girly monthly cramps cuz those are a killer.
Also lastly sparkle mat customer service has really been superb as well in handling my questions and concerns.
Thank you!

Thank you so much for this awesome review Heather! We are so pleased that you have had such a great experience and that you want to further integrate Sparkle Mats into your life :)

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Karen (Fargo, US)
Full size mat

Updated review: I have had a chance to use my mat and feel the benefit of the functions. I look forward to using it more and also try it with some of my clients. The mat is very well made and will hopefully last for years!

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Christine Sample
Great for what ails you

It is an excellent, soothing tool for tired muscles. enables more peaceful sleep by aiding in sleep.

Mini Mat (32″ x 20″)
Kim Danielsson (Saskatoon, CA)
Everyone can benefit from a Sparklemat!

I have severe back and hip pain from osteoarthritis and I have tried different treatments such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage and prescription anti-inflammatories which all have failed to help with my pain long term. I noticed an improvement after one treatment and continue to improve with each use. I use this almost every evening while meditating. So far this is the best treatment I have found and highly recommends this pad for anyone with chronic pain.

We love that you are getting the relief you deserve from your Sparkle Mat. Thank you for sharing Kim!

Mini Mat (32″ x 20″)
Kellie R. Wooten
Very relaxing mat

Every time I use this mat, it helps me unwind. When I utilize the PEMF deep sleep setting, I discover that I sleep better.

You know you want to!

Fabulous! I use this for my Reiki practice.
I would highly recommend

Love my mat!

I adore my sparklemat. My neck and back discomfort have been relieved. The only issue I have is that it can be difficult to move around because it is hefty. If you can leave it out forever, it would be ideal. Apart from that, I'm happy I have it.

Excellent product!

Excellent, I really enjoyed it; it's nice and calming.

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Lorraine Mitchell
Feels good

If you know…you know..and if not, you need to! Feels like heaven

Great mat!

I cherish this mat! My back feels so much better with the infrared heating. I use this every night, and I sleep well as a result.


extremely therapeutic and calming. It was a pleasure to use it last night with my spouse.

Instant Relief

As soon as I opened it, I laid on it my shoulder felt better after being on it.

Beautiful sparkle mat

a good product. Stunning mat. Easy-to-follow directions and explanations of the various therapies are provided in the user handbook.

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Elizabeth Clark (Crowley, US)
My Clients LOVE it

I found out about the amazing benefits of of the Sparkle Mats by chance while I was researching something else. My intuition said I needed to add this to my massage table. I am a Massage Therapist, Sound and Vibration healer, medical intuitive. I started using this mat for myself for the first few days so I could get a idea of all the cool levels/settings. After feeling for myself, I could t wait to get it on my table for my clients. EVERYONE loves it. They are amazed at how good, light and even calm it made them feel. One concern I had was the comfort level for my clients. To the touch, I thought maybe it would not be comfortable enough for them. Each client has said that they don't even notice because the mat penetrates deep in the tissues, such a comforting feeling they were able to relax right away, even fall asleep.
On one client, I was using tuning forks on her, on body. She could feel the crystals respond under her, felt amazing. Then, we place a quartz Crystal bowl on the mat between her knees and I played it. She felt like she was floating. The crystals were vibrating almost all the way to the top.

I am so happy with this purchase and I'm pretty sure one client will be getting one too.
I think everyone needs one of these. I seriously feel happier and light after using this. More people need to feel the same way.

Thank you for your beautiful review Elizabeth. We are so excited to hear about all the different results you are getting and the creative ways you are using the mat :)

She’s built for function and beauty

Well-made and really powerful for easing pain! Thank God, a severe backache I had been experiencing for several days was completely gone after ten minutes of use. I adore this mat. Additionally, it's very lovely to look at! awaiting the opportunity to do so every night.


I was considering getting a PEMF mat to relieve lower back pain and stress. I did a ton of study on the many possibilities available. It was a no-brainer when the Sparkle mat debuted on Prime Day. For a few weeks, I have been using the mat each day. My hands' arthritis and lower back ache have both improved thanks to it. I also use it to intensify my meditation and self-reiki practices. It is now an essential component of my everyday regimen. I almost paid three times as much for another mat with the same technology and features! Do not think twice; I highly advise it!


The therapy I was paying for is now available to me in the comfort of my own home. superb mat

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