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Sparkle Mats Reviews

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Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
MimaRN6 (Florida, US)
Love Our Mat

We are thoroughly enjoying our PEMF mat. We can feel the healing potential at work. Very relaxing and overall feeling of well-being.

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Suzanne W. (Gainesville, US)
Feeling Relief from Pain & Invigorated! Love It!

I’m 59 years old and feeling the effects of aging. I have arthritis and I had a total all right knee replacement. I use the sparkle mat daily, and I love it! It provides me pain relief and my muscles are more relaxed, which helps me stay flexible. I feel invigorated! It is an integral part of my plan to remain as youthful and active in my life as much as possible. I LOVE it! ❤️

Mini Mat (32″ x 20″)
Elise Recupero (North Kingstown, US)
Great healing tool!!

I revived my mat and I have been using it DAILY! My son uses it when he sleeps, I use it when I meditate, my dogs love it too!

-great quality, feels really well made
-love that there are 14 PEMF options
-the heat gets hot! (Obviously if you want, goes up to 70)
-you have the option for infrared light

I think this is a tool that many people with start to use in the future, you will see subtle changes while using it. I recommend it!

PEMF is a gem

The mat is AMAZING! I purchased the portable version, which I put on my office chair. I mostly purchased it for the PEMF because of the beneficial frequencies and features, but I really adore the infrared heat and the photon lights! It is a high-quality mat at a reasonable price, and I enjoy experimenting with the many settings. I strongly advise researching the advantages of PEMF therapy on Google. Absolute worth it!


I adore this mat. I'm eager to give it a try with my clients. I might need to get another one so I won't have to lug this one between home and work!


I adore this mat. I'm eager to give it a try with my clients. I might need to get another one so I won't have to carry this one between home and work!

Quick results

On the first try, it appeared to be somewhat helpful. I experienced no pain while sleeping on my side all night.

This is Amazing

I don't recall ever feeling this at ease! It functions as intended!

Awesome product

Just as described, this was fantastic!

Calm as a child

Until I laid on this divine mat, I was unaware of how stressed and overstimulated my body was. My spirit experienced a bliss similar to when I was a youngster and had nothing to worry or be afraid of. I would heartily advise EVERYONE who resides on Earth to get this stuff!❤️❤️❤️

Highly Recommend!

As I pursue my goal of becoming a Reiki and Sound Healing practitioner, I bought the full-size mat as a present for both myself and my potential clients. The directions in the handbook are quite simple to understand and apply, even if there is a QR code for an online quick setup video that doesn't appear to be available anymore. The setup and usability of the controller are extremely simple. I have personally used the mat a number of times and am incredibly appreciative of its healing and energetic/grounding qualities. I have also discovered that it appears to deepen my meditation state, which I like. I appreciate that it has infrared, as I've been encouraged to investigate it. The carrying case is a lovely extra.

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Katie Agresta: Dragonfly Art of Healing (Queensbury, US)
Heaven On earth

This mat is incredible! I had to be peeled off of it by my kids! I purchased this to supplement Reiki therapy in my practice. I experienced a sense of melting into the ground when I tried it out for myself. I had the impression that I was into a peaceful hypnotic trance. Each of my children also gave it a try. It was laid down on by my only child, who underwent open heart surgery at the age of 3 a year and a half ago. She requested a blanket and told me she didn't want to get off. She dozed off after that.This mat is incredible. If you perform any kind of therapeutic energy work, this need to unquestionably be included in your services. Your body's energy is changing, and energetic vibrations are being sent all throughout, and you can definitely feel them. Although the controller initially seems intrusive, in just 10 minutes I was able to figure everything out. You will find navigating the proper utilization of the mat to be extremely simple and straightforward if you apply the recommendations in the brochure that are based on your needs. As with anything, perfect practice makes perfect!
The cost was definitely beneficial. I'm very excited to give this to my customers!

aids in pain relief, sleep, and anxiety. Love it

I like how big the mat is, and I can easily utilize the control panel and find settings that motivate me to use it. It warms up swiftly and evenly. I enjoy this item.

I'm overjoyed!

I bought the Sparkle Mat as a present for myself after just earning my certification as a crystal practitioner. The travel size that I bought is ideal! I love the range of settings available depending on my requirements at the moment and can really tell a change in my general wellbeing. Sparkle Mat, thank you!

Healer's Bundle
Nicole Jasper (Boynton Beach, US)
We love it!

OMG this is amazing. My patient is enjoying how it helps them practice mindfulness for 20 minutes each day. This holiday season, they enter feeling like a truck just ran over them, and leave feeling lighter. Many thanks


I had to test out my 20x20 mat as soon as I got it. I eventually fell asleep, but this was certainly one of the nicest power naps I have ever taken. I usually wake up from a little nap feeling drowsy and exhausted, but after lying on this mat with the PEMF on, I awoke 15 to 20 minutes later feeling re-energized and ready to go. I then told a friend about it over the phone, and she is now thinking about getting one as well.
For your information, the mat is fairly rigid and does not compress to a smaller size. It hardly fits within my huge upright suitcase, which I use for a lot of my flight travel.

Excellent quality

excellent quality, simple directions, and improvement after the first session. pleased client!

I LOVE my Sparkle mats

Love my sparkle mats; I now have 4. I needed surgery since I injured my shoulder. The shoulder is mostly good, but the pain caused this terrible worry that makes it difficult for me to go asleep and leaves me frequently feeling bad. I lay on it before getting out of bed in the morning, and it helps me move from generally feeling lousy to relatively ok to good. I'm really appreciative. I bought one for my sister and one of my healing clients, and I have four for my family. All of us adore them.

Great benefit, great value

For the past three weeks, I have used the medium-sized glitter mat for 1-2 hours every night. I experienced some persistent shoulder ache from doing chores, but it significantly subsided over a few days. The triggers now only hurt on rare occasions when the day has been really difficult.

For the past four years, I've also had intermittent (and rather severe) asthma. When the mat arrived in the mail, I immediately saw improvement and have only had one asthma attack in the past three weeks. I had been going through a rough patch when I was having nightly asthma attacks. So overall, I'm pleased with the mat. The infrared heat to sweat away toxic buildup piqued my curiosity the most because I suspected from my studies that this was the cause of my problems. I'm also using the mat for a parasite detox, so the desire to perspire is greater. Together, I believe the two have been quite beneficial.

There is constant negative ion therapy. This feature is great, and I believe it has also benefited my asthma. I think that this particular function might also be able to aid with the mystery clotting epidemic that has been going on since 2021.

I don't like the remote very much because it's confusing and the instructions aren't very good. The remote is quite straightforward in design (not high tech), it lacks a digital screen, and the buttons light up so you can use it at night.

The mat is well-made, so I anticipate that it will last.

I'm purchasing one for a sick relative and would advise doing so. I enjoy using it because it is my favorite home device.

Mini Mat (32″ x 20″)
Aisha (Queens, US)

I've already used the mat a few times, and I find it to be quite calming. It also improves blood circulation, gives me more positive energy, and increases physical vitality. Highly advised.

relief for back pain

I adore my sparkle mat because it provides immediate comfort for the upper back pain I have. I firmly believe in homeopathic medicine, and this purchase was well worth it. After using this, my pain went from a 4 to a 1, making me happy I paid the money.

The perfect thing!

I adore everything! Price, item, shipping, caliber, directions, outcomes, and usability! I also feel fantastic and am in a great mood!

Mini Mat (32″ x 20″)
Stina garbis (Corvallis, US)
Gives me a boost

I adore my mini mat; it fits wonderfully in my office chair, warming and calming me while I work to support my clients as best I can. Even red light treatment is employed to alleviate my neck ache. ideal office addition

This mat is incredible!!

This mat is amazing! I now use it on clients in my energy healing business because it helped me with my pain, my migraines, and helped me sleep better. Unquestionably a game-changer!


I like how the heat penetrates your body, causing general relaxation and pain alleviation.

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