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Sparkle Mats Reviews

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Supports healing

I do reflexology and energywork and this is a perfect addition to help support healing for my clients. I bought it because I am currently going through an intense physical healing journey and knew how beneficial it would be. Love having this available for our family and for clients.

I highly recommend it.

This product really helps me relief my pain. I highly recommend it.

Thank you Sparkle

My Sparkle mat has helped my health to progress so much. My body is now more able to handle the intense treatments I have to consume for my late-stage Lyme disease. Its been a blessing.

So relaxing!!

It’s so calming and relaxing! I love the heating feature and noticed energy shifting easier.

I love this mat!!

I love this mat! It’s super calming and relaxing. I love laying on it with the heating and lights feature on. I’m really excited to see how it feels long term.

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Bradley Ubell (Battleford, CA)

A friend told me about the map and I was skeptical at first but after trying it, I’m sold. Use it everyday on deep sleep and healing modes!

Mini Mat (32″ x 20″)
Maria De Lourdes Moreno
Felt renewed

Awesome, I received it today, I tried it, I loved it. I felt like after a massage.

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)

I like the fact that the mat provides a non-invasive method of potential therapeutic benefits, and it is relatively simple to incorporate into one's routine.

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Jonathan Manahan
I love the sparkle frequency

A friend of mine had a bio mat that I tried at their place and instantly knew I needed one of these myself. I did not want to spend that crazy amount so found this alternative. Realized that it does pemf as well which adds more features than the biomat. So far it’s been really amazing. Being able to change the frequencies has been incredible. I love the sparkle frequency, makes me feel really good. Looking forward to spending more time on this mat.

Awesome Buy

I appreciate that the mat offers a non-invasive approach of potential therapeutic advantages and that incorporating it into one's routine is not too difficult.

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Patricia Ritchie
So far so good!

So far, I’m loving it. Looking forward to experiencing all that it offers.

works as described in the user manual

four family members are using it. Simple to transport in our RV. LIFTS STRESS.

Perfect gift for mother's

I purchased this pad for my mother as a Mother's Day gift; it is of exceptional quality, and my mother adores it.

Better than a heating pad

Wow- its firm, yet comfortable and incredibly soothing to our aching backs. Way better then just a heating pad.

Looks good so far

Only used it once so far. Could be hotter,But it looks good so far


My sparkle mat is great. With my arthritic discomfort, it most definitely helps.

Love it !!!

Fantastic !!! The best buy I've ever made is this one. After using the mat, I feel incredibly relaxed. Within five minutes, I'm out cold. It's fantastic! My friends have heard about this purchase from me.

So soothing!

I love my Sparkle Mat! The heat is so soothing and comforting. I find that I can keep it cooler in the house when I use this


It is very easy to set up and simple to use. I received it sooner than expected

I love it!

I love the packaging and presentation - the card was a great added touch! I just did my first session and it was great. I’m looking forward to continuing and more healing. Thank you

The PEMF is effective

The PEMF is effective, I can tell. Both infrared and PEMF are extremely affordable. For travel, I purchased the smaller size.

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
E. Bushmaker (Wisconsin Rapids, US)
Full-sized mat, penetrating heat

Bought this for my ongoing battle with uncle Arthur(itis). Was hoping to sleep on it, which I couldn't do with my EM Therapy mat. It helps you get to sleep, includes the EM function with several settings, and does mitigate the "standing on gravel in the morning" experience for so many of us over 50. Understand, the EM is a subtle effect; I do stretches on an EM-only mat, and it does work. The IR has the benefit of heat without getting blasted with harmful EMF. Think of this device as cumulative and long-term. Also: I recommend the smaller mat for sleep, as you can target joints and not move about with full weight on it. The full-size is after all a therapy (session) mat.

This is an amazing mat!

What a fantastic mat! Every day, twice a day, I use it for 45 to 60 minutes. My body feels renewed, and I have more energy now, which has allowed me to spend time with my family. Seasonal allergies affect my 12-year-old daughter, but they have gotten better after using Sparkle Mat. For the health of my family and I, this mat is a need.

Full-sized (72″ x 24″)
Francoise Labonte
Truly life changing!

Awesome! Truly life changing. Pain goes away fast, relax!!


very good product

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