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Portable Mat (20″ x 20″)


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  • CRYSTAL HEATING PAD: Just lay back and let the Sparkle Mat ✨ melt-away your pain, stress, and sleeplessness; Laying on a Sparkle Mat will leave you feeling sparkling, like you just did a 90-minute hot yoga class – but without the exercise! 🙂
  • ENERGY MEDICINE TECHNOLOGY: You’re gonna love 💖 using our 20w of 660 nm photon red light therapy, 1,500 cc of negative ions, and far infrared heating pads for back pain and relaxation that WILL improve your sleep, happiness, youthfulness, immune function, performance, and calmness. Unlike cheap heating pads/blankets that produce unhealthy EMFs, our mat has 5 layers designed to block and reduce EMFs to very low levels. IMPORTANT: Our “Portable” mat EXCLUDES electromagnetic wave therapy (EWT)
  • CRYSTAL HEALING: Sparkle “Portable” Mat (small 20 inches by 20 inches) contains 2.2 lbs of certified amethyst crystals 💎 and 12 white artisan tourmaline disks for the ultimate natural ceramic heating pad, which will bring energetic (subtle life force, ki, prana) realign, heal, and balance to your energy, traumas, and karma; Every mat is blessed by Reiki Practitioner & Sparkle Founder JP Richards
  • REST EASY WITH RISK-FREE EVERYTHING: For 108 days, we guarantee our mat “brings you a sparkle of joy or your money back” GUARANTEE; Additionally we provide a 5-year warranty makes buying the mat right now a no-brainer; BONUS GIFT 🎁 when you buy a “Portable” mat right now you’ll receive a FREE healing crystal kit (a $45 value)
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Need support? Our dedicated team of Sparklers are available via LIVE CHAT 💬 weekdays from 9 am until 5 pm to help you.
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Hi:) I write this as I lay down on my Sparkle mat feeling so relaxed – maybe a little too relaxed. My name is JP Richards, I am the founder and designer of Sparkle.

9 years ago, a suppressed childhood trauma re-surfaced and I felt… a bit broken. I went to a Reiki Master to repair my energy body.

In addition to Reiki, my Reiki Master used a fancy amethyst infrared mat. My sessions with my Reiki Master and the infrared mat had such a positive impact on me that I became a certified Reiki practitioner and lover of healing crystals.

In meditation, I was Called to create Sparkle Mats, a(n):

  • Affordable alternative to $1,750 amethyst infrared mats Improved mat
  • Improved mat
  • Gorgeous piece of art

Now you can help clients or yourself heal, feel loved and sparkle.


A) A PRACTITIONER (Reiki, Shiatsu, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, RMT) looking to:

  • Help your clients relax deeper, heal faster, and feel good immediately
  • Differentiate your practice/treatments
  • Love up your clients and give them something extra special!


B) One of the 113 million Americans who suffer from pain daily and looking for a non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical pain-reliever

C) One of the 206 million Americans that have troubled sleep every week and you are looking for a drug-free way to relax into a deep sleep

D) All the above:)


With a 108-day money-back trial, free shipping, free returns, and a 5-year limited warranty, trying a Sparkle Mat could not be easier.

Tap Add to Cart now and bring a sparkle to your life and everyone around you.

Additional information

DIMENSIONS 20 × 20 × 4 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
PEMF is a gem

The mat is AMAZING! I purchased the portable version, which I put on my office chair. I mostly purchased it for the PEMF because of the beneficial frequencies and features, but I really adore the infrared heat and the photon lights! It is a high-quality mat at a reasonable price, and I enjoy experimenting with the many settings. I strongly advise researching the advantages of PEMF therapy on Google. Absolute worth it!

Katisha Nantell
Awesome product

Just as described, this was fantastic!

Dorothy Vierling
I'm overjoyed!

I bought the Sparkle Mat as a present for myself after just earning my certification as a crystal practitioner. The travel size that I bought is ideal! I love the range of settings available depending on my requirements at the moment and can really tell a change in my general wellbeing. Sparkle Mat, thank you!


I had to test out my 20x20 mat as soon as I got it. I eventually fell asleep, but this was certainly one of the nicest power naps I have ever taken. I usually wake up from a little nap feeling drowsy and exhausted, but after lying on this mat with the PEMF on, I awoke 15 to 20 minutes later feeling re-energized and ready to go. I then told a friend about it over the phone, and she is now thinking about getting one as well.
For your information, the mat is fairly rigid and does not compress to a smaller size. It hardly fits within my huge upright suitcase, which I use for a lot of my flight travel.

relief for back pain

I adore my sparkle mat because it provides immediate comfort for the upper back pain I have. I firmly believe in homeopathic medicine, and this purchase was well worth it. After using this, my pain went from a 4 to a 1, making me happy I paid the money.

Grace Mathis
Very pleasant

Very relaxing - pleasant - a little challenging to find the directions

Cyrus Webb
Do you require assistance with pain or stress? The heating pad from Sparkle Mats provides some co...

We have all been in that situation, either feeling pain or discomfort, or feeling the strain of the outside world due to everything going on. Sparkle Mats' crystal heating pad does provide some relief.

It is simple to use, has a fantastic carrying bag, and comes with instructions on how to make the most of this pad. It goes beyond simply allowing you to lay down on it. Apply it to the region of your body that may be in pain or discomfort, make any necessary adjustments, and take pleasure in the relief.

This will undoubtedly be beneficial for anyone who is experiencing stress or suffering. Then, enjoy the calming effects after making the necessary adjustments.

Olive Mackey
This was perfect for me

I purchased this mat for its comfort, safety, size, and therapeutic heating properties. I couldn't always lay on my biomat because I had one. This was ideal for my shoulder and knee pain, which required a visit to the physical therapist. I wanted the heat they provide at home since it provides a lot of relief. After doing some research, I bought my Sparkle Mat, which was delivered in just two days while providing the same relief as my PT heat treatments and the biomat I would have to lay on. I wouldn't give up this small one and would buy the larger one in a heartbeat. I've used it every evening before bed and the days following my workouts. Thanks Sparkle Mats for a fantastic, practical, adaptable, calming and cost-conscious product. I should also mention how much I appreciate the carry bag's portability. I'm going to tell everyone I know about this!

Summer Coleman
Worth the buy!

I'm not spending that much for a heating pad, you might be thinking, but this item is much more than that. You can see there is more to it after using it for the first time. From Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals to far-infrared heat, negative ion treatment, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, and red light therapy, it has every aspect of healing. Even after only one use, you can tell the difference. He was my test subject because my spouse has been dealing with back discomfort brought on by strained muscles. The 20x20 that I purchased is the ideal size for the back and the core. The mat is firm, but just form enough for support and not to be uncomfortable. You would think that the crystals would be uncomfortable to lie on, but the contrary, it's like having a warm stone massage with the warm heat. I could not recommend this more. My husband, who was skeptical is now a firm believer in the combination of therapies in this mat. It's great quality and worth every penny. -

Taylor Blackmon

I LOVE THIS MUCH The adjustable temperature and the freedom to turn on and off the red lights are great. It warmed up rather quickly. really cozy, and i'm totally addicted to crystals! adore it

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