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We’ve compiled the answers to our frequently asked questions about Sparkle Mats below.

Sparkle Mats Therapies

Sparkle Mats combine 5 energy medicine therapies that are all non-invasive, safe, and effective to help ease pain, promote relaxation, and to assist the body in healing itself. Let’s learn about each of these therapies.

Hot stone therapy has been used throughout history in numerous cultures around the world. It takes the natural healing properties of crystals to a new level by heating them so that your body can get the most benefits from the stones.

Our Sparket Mats are hand-crafted using 100% natural and certified gem-quality grade crystals. We use Amethyst and Tourmaline gemstones in our Sparkle Mats because they have the highest emissions of therapeutic infrared rays and negative ions.

Amethysts emit a frequency of 32,876 KHz, which is believed to enhance vital cellular activity. At the same time, it emits and refracts infrared light, which means it can generate the most bioavailable and bio-compatible heat in order to penetrate and promote healing of body tissues.

Tourmaline emits far-infrared photons and negative ions, which promote healing in the body, while boosting the effects of the other therapies in the Sparkle Mat.

Due to our modern lifestyles, most people experience an abundance of positive ions, which has been shown to have numerous negative implications on health, contributing to conditions like allergies, asthma, migraines, anxiety, fatigue, and sleeplessness. Introducing negative ions into the body and our environment can have uplifting effects on our health.

The main layer of the Sparkle Mat is a thick layer of gemstones, including Amethyst crystals and artisan Tourmaline disks. When these stones are heated, they create 1500+ negative ions per square inch.

Far Infrared (FIR) light is invisible to the human eye and offers the sun’s most energizing radiant heat that not only helps to detox the body through sweat, but also has been used to treat various maladies, aches, and pains.¹ It has also been shown to be effective in relieving pain in patients with chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and muscle damage.²

This therapy is often confused with Ultraviolet light, which is harmful to the skin. FIR, on the other hand, is highly beneficial.

Sparkle Mats heat up to 160°F (70°C), delivering FIR that penetrates about 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) into the body. This helps to repair damaged tissue and increase blood circulation.

Sparkle Mats use Far Infrared (FIR) therapy to generate heat in tissues and introduce high-frequency EMFs reaching up to 8” into the body. The FIR rays are released via the gemstones on your mat during the heating process. Setting the temperature higher will release a greater amount of FIR.

Our Sparkle Mats are equipped with several features to ensure your optimal safety and comfort throughout use. Four protective layers block any harmful electromagnetic fields. The mat’s control box changes AC pulsations to ensure a healthy bio-compatible DC flow.

To protect a user from dehydration or potential overheating, SparkleMats will automatically reset if a temperature of 49 C or 120 Fis reached and will remain at a lower heat level for 4 hours.

Photobiomodulation occurs when light strikes a living biological tissue and triggers a physiological response. Out of the spectrum of light, Red Light Therapy (RLT) offers the highest level of photobiomodulation, as it uses lasers of LEDs at 660 nm.

NASA first used RLT in the 1990’s as a way to grow plants in space. It’s ability to provide pain relief and improve injuries was discovered decades later. Now, it is also recommended by a variety of experts to support sleep, performance, and healthy skin and hair.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) provide the body with bursts of low-level, beneficial electromagnetic radiation that has been shown to offer relief for chronic pain, migraines, sleeplessness, inflammation, depression, and anxiety, to name a few. Today, there is now a rapidly growing body of evidence in healthcare to support magnetic stimulation of the body, particularly with PEMFs.³

Because PEMF therapy uses magnetic fields as the delivery mechanism for the stimulation, it can generate charges much deeper in the body than electrical currents. It is also much safer and more tolerable.

PEMFs have been found to enhance the function of cell membranes, helping to balance the charges on either side and revitalizing the cell.

The environment is an integral part of a human being. The earth is a huge magnet and the sun is our nearest high-intensity magnetic neighbor. Our health depends on a well-balanced electromagnetic system, both within and outside the body.

PEMFs interact with the body’s own magnetic fields to produce charge and affect the molecular functions of the tissues. Treating the body at an electromagnetic level will affect the entire body, not only at the electromagnetic level but ultimately into the chemical and tissue levels

Now that you grasp what PEMF is, you will want to understand how to use it. PEMF has two operational factors - exposure time and frequency.

A common concern for anyone considering using PEMF therapy is whether the negative effects of other electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are present in PEMFs.

The answer is no! And here’s why…

PEMFs emit a very low frequency (VLF), similar to what is already naturally occurring inside and outside of the body, ranging from 0.5 Hz (Delta) to 50 Hz (Gamma). The Earth, for instance, emits a 7.83 Hz frequency (Theta). These frequencies are healthy and are actually in short supply since we are more separated from the Earth than our ancestors were.

The EMFs that are bad for our health are the ones that are high-frequency (HF), such as those from power lines (60 Hz) and 5F internet (5000 Hz).

There are both “good” and “bad” EMFs. Good EMFs occur naturally and have a frequency and intensity the human body has evolved alongside which is good for human wellness.

EMF Type Frequency Types of Device
“Bad” type - Ionizing Mid to High-Frequency Ultraviolet (UV), X-Rays, and Gamma
“Neutral” type - Non-Ionizing (generally perceived as harmless to humans) Low to Mid-Frequency Microwave ovens, Computers, House Energy Smart Meters, Wireless (wifi) networks, Cell Phones, Bluetooth devices, Power lines, and MRIs
“Good” type Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Most PEMF systems and machines, thermal mats including Sparkle Mats

The Sparkle Mat emits Very Low Frequency EMFs that range from 1.2 Hz to 45 Hz. These long wavelengths pass deep into the body, energizing cells and helping to re-balance and restore bodily functions and health. In fact, daily use of whole body PEMFs can even help to offset the negative effects of undesirable environmental magnetic fields (EMFs).

Sparkle Mats are also shielded by 4 layers to keep EMFs to almost zero while they are plugged in, and less than 0.2 milliGauss (mG) when the mat is heating. To give you some perspective, most in-home background EMF levels are between 0.5 and 4 mG, which is considered safe for sleeping. Electric blankets, for example, have a range of 5 to 30 mG, laptops range from 2 to 20 mG, and hair dryers range from 7 to 70 mG.

The goal of a PEMF system is to produce a magnetic field that will support the body’s natural functions, and also use wavelengths that will go all the way through the body. This requires long wavelengths and low frequencies.

Some “neutral” types of EMFs of possible concern (such as in X-rays, radio waves, cell phones, and microwaves) present in some research findings have significantly shorter wavelengths and higher frequencies than therapeutic PEMFs.

Yes! The Sparkle Mat uses top quality double isolated wires, which are placed between two layers of copper mesh designed to filter out harmful EMFs.

Most PEMF devices on the market utilize a wide variety of frequencies, intensities, and waveforms. Deciding which might be the most effective can be a challenging process. Electromagnetic frequencies are measured in Hertz (Hz), a measurement which refers to cycles per second.

Frequency is just that – a reference to how frequently per second a magnetic field cycles. One cycle per second (1 Hz) is low and slow, while 1,000 cycles per second (1,000 Hz) is much faster. The Earth and the body each produce a vast range of frequencies.⁴

Different kinds of cells in the body respond to different frequencies. For therapeutic wellbeing effects, the body is best compatible with lower frequencies. Sparkle mats with PEMF are all designed to produce a frequency of 7.8 Hz, simulating the frequency the Earth emits.

This frequency is the most attuned to your body’s natural rhythms. The Sparkle mat uses a pulsed sinusoidal wavelength to deliver its frequency. This was chosen for our product because it is a very low frequency (VLF) and intensity which helps promote cell communication throughout the entire body.

Safety & Contraindications

Sparkle Mats are non-invasive and safe, however there are certain circumstances when individuals should turn off the electromagnetic therapy (EMT) on their Sparkle Mat. This section will provide those details.

In almost all instances, using a Sparkle Mat is completely safe, however, there are certain pre-existing health conditions and circumstances that make PEMF therapy an unsafe option. This includes people with:

  1. 1. Implanted electrical devices, such as pacemakers
  2. 2. Grave’s disease
  3. 3. Expecting mothers

In these cases, you can still use the mat without using the PEMF therapy simply by switching off the electromagnetic therapy (EMT).

A Sparkle Mat should never be used in conjunction with any active implanted electrical devices, such as pacemakers, cochlear implants, or intrathecal pumps because the PEMF magnetic field can shut the device off or otherwise interfere with its function.

Research has confirmed that PEMF therapy stimulates thyroid function. The great news is that regardless of whether or not your thyroid is over or under-active, PEMF therapy can bring balance to this master gland. However, that does mean that PEMF therapy should be used with caution for those who have Grave’s disease or active bleeding.

We do not recommend the Sparkle Mat for use during pregnancy. The safety of PEMFs has not yet been established with expectant mothers, although there has been no evidence of harm found.

If you have any serious health concerns or illnesses that were not mentioned above, we always recommend consulting with your doctor to discuss whether a Sparkle Mat is a good option for you.

Sparkle Mats have an installed safety device that prevents overheating and reduces electromagnetic waves or EMFs.

Any amount of Far Infrared (FIR) heat therapy is safe to receive, but it is important to be mindful of how much heat is being released and to use only a level that feels warm and pleasant. It is fine (and recommended!) to challenge yourself by increasing the level of heat, but be sure to do so for short periods of time only.

If you are noticing side effects, such as headaches, dizziness, tiredness, and nausea, scale back on the heat as these are classic signs of overheating. Use the mat responsibly and be mindful of any of these signs.

Seniors will likely notice that they sweat more excessively while using the Sparkle Mat, especially if excessive heat is used. This is because sweat glands lose their performance with age.

Children should not operate the mat unattended. Parents should consult with a pediatrician before allowing children to use a Sparkle Mat. Note that children under the age of 14 have a higher internal temperature than adults and therefore will overheat at a faster rate than adults.

Sparkle Mats are produced by an FDA-approved manufacturer as a general wellness device.

Setting Up & Using Your Sparkle Mat

Setting up your Sparkle Mat is simple and we’ve included many pre-programmed settings to help you achieve the results you desire. Please refer to the user manual that came with your Sparkle Mat for more detailed information. Here, we’ll share some quickstart tips.

Unfold your Sparkle Mat and lay it on a flat surface. Connect one end of the controller into the mat and the other into a power outlet. Press the power button to turn the controller on. Then press the following buttons depending on which therapies you want to use:

  • Heating Timer - Press this button if you want to use Far Infrared Heat Therapy. Heat the mat up for 10 minutes prior to use
  • Photon Program - Press this button if you want to use Red Light Therapy. PLEASE NOTE: This therapy is only effective when used without the Cushion Topper (or any other covering).
  • PEMF - Press this button if you want to use PEMF therapy.

Next, use your manual to choose the temperature and pre-programmed settings according to your manual.

The preferred temperature varies from person to person. Finding what works for you may involve some trial and error. We recommend starting with 98.6°F (37°C), which is the average temperature of a human adult body. From there, make small adjustments until you find a heat setting that feels best.

In order to avoid overheating and potential dehydration, we recommend using a lower temperature setting for longer sessions. Here are some guidelines:

  • 95-104°F (35-40°C) for sessions 8+ hours
  • 113-131°F (45-55°C) for sessions over 2 hours
  • 131-149°F (55-65°C) for sessions 0.5-1.5 hours
  • 149-158°F (65-70°C) for sessions under 1 hour

Here are some tips to help you care for your Sparkle Mat:

  • To prevent potential damage from sweat or spills and to add an extra layer of comfort, we recommend covering the surface of your Sparkle Mat with an organic sheet or towel.
  • Only use your mat on flat surfaces.
  • To avoid damage, don’t use sharp objects near your mat
  • Don’t partially cover your Sparkle Mat with a pillow, blanket, or other thick padding.
  • Don’t use your Sparkle Mat near water, fire, or a heat source.
  • Don’t do yoga or exercises on your mat as it could damage the electronics or heating coils, which would void your warranty.
  • To clean your Sparkle Mat, turn it off and use a slightly dampened towel (you can add a small amount of soap if you’d like).
  • Ensure you stay hydrated while using your Sparkle Mat in order to assist the process of detoxification. Drink plenty of water before, after, and even during your sessions.

Sparkle Mats can be folded for storage, however you’ll notice the larger sized mats are thicker and tend to be less flexible, due to the extra layers of PEMF. Note that when you fold the mat, it loses its durability over time.

Our mats are generally used on a regular bed, the floor, or a massage bed. Some of the smaller versions, such as the 20 x 20 mat, work well on a couch or the back of a chair.

All of our mats use 110V power, which works in both the USA and Canada, but you can still use the mat in another country by adding a power converter to “step down” the voltage.

What Benefits Can I Expect to Experience From My Sparkle Mat?

When you use your Sparkle Mat, the most significant results will come over time from consistent, daily use. You can safely use PEMF for any amount of time, but we recommend a minimum of 20 minutes daily to receive the most benefits. The Sparkle Mat is equipped with a heating system that has overheat protection and a digital controller that allows you to set and maintain a temperature of 86°-158°F (30°-70°C) heating and a session time of 1, 4 or 8 hours long.

Longer sessions can help alleviate more persistent aches and pains at a faster rate. You can direct the PEMF towards the sore/affected area to aid results. If you are using the mat for general health and maintenance, you can utilize a full-body session instead of focusing on a particular area.

Once you start feeling great - don’t stop! Continual use of your Sparkle Mat will ensure that your health and wellness are effectively maintained over time.

When used consistently, many people experience deeper and more restful sleep, more vivid dream states, improved energy levels, better aerobic capacity, the ability to focus better, less mental negativity, and an increase in recuperation. You might also notice a significant increase in muscular strength and stamina by as much as 20-40% after 3 months. Even within the first 10 days, strength increases of 10-20% are common.

You might experience increased oxygen metabolism, which is vital in slowing the aging process and improving all physiological processes. Many people enjoy an increase in RBH (Resting-Breath-Hold) by up to 50% after 90-days of consistent use.

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