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Return Policy

108-Day Free Trial

We are so certain you will love our Sparkle Mat that we offer a 108-day risk-free trial.

At Sparkle Mats, we pride ourselves on the high-quality of our mats and are proud to say that less than 1% of customers return within the “108-Day Free Trial.”

If you are not completely satisfied with our Sparkle Mat, you may send it back for a refund equal to the price of the product minus shipping.

If you think you may return your Sparkle Mat during our “trial” period, then please use the mat pristinely and always use it with a cover on it because we will attempt to find our mat another home (resell it.)

The unit MUST be returned in good condition without smells, stains, or damage in order to qualify for a return/refund.

Thank you for purchasing a Sparkle Mat; we are certain you’ll relax, soothe, and sparkle!

Two Considerations

Before attempting a free trial or returning our mat, here are two considerations:

1) User Manual.

Most people simply don’t unlock the benefits (relaxation, pain relief, healing) of our Sparkle Mat because they do not* how to use our Sparkle Mat.

Tap here Most people simply don’t unlock the benefits (relaxation, pain relief, healing) of our Sparkle Mat because they do not* how to use our Sparkle Mat.

2) Environmental Cost.

According to a 2022 study by EPA:

Over 5 billion physical product returns produce 223 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.”

Thank you for considering the above.

Still don’t want to keep our mat?

Returns & Refund Policy

Orders within 108 days from the date of purchase can request a return and refund.

If the product turns out to be defective (physical damages and damages caused by incorrect usage excluded) after 108 days but within 5 years of purchase, customers will only receive a replacement part as per our warranty.

After 5 years from the purchase date, customers defective mats will not be received by Sparkle Mats.

First Step: Email Us

In order to return your mat, please send an email to with:

  1. 1) Your intent to return
  2. 2) Where you purchased your Sparkle Mat
  3. 3) Your order number
  4. 4) Your name and your address
  5. 5) Your “main reason” for return
  6. 6) Photos or video of the current condition of your Sparkle Mat

We will reply within 1 business day.

Next Steps

To receive a full refund, your product must be sent back FULLY working and in original “new” cosmetic condition.

Once we receive the Sparkle Mat, we perform an inspection and test to determine the “condition.”

You may be charged a restocking fee of 10-30% of the purchase price depending on the exact “condition” of the product.

Below are listed examples of our grading criteria for returns and the restocking fees that correlate with them.

Please note that the grading criteria relates only to cosmetic condition below:

  • Grade A = 100% refund:The product is in excellent cosmetic condition; looks as if it is “new.”
  • Grade B = 10% restocking fee:The product has slight cosmetic damage.
  • Grade C = 30% restocking fee:The product has cosmetic wear; you can tell it has been used.
  • Grade D = disqualified from a refund:The product has many signs of obvious wear.

Buyer assumes responsibility for shipping both ways for all returns regardless of the reason and even if they did not* pay for shipping when they received their Sparkle Mat initially.

Once we have assessed the condition of the mat, we will IMMEDIATELY issue a refund based on the condition of the returned mat minus the shipping costs.

Please anticipate 3-5 business days for the refund to appear on your bank statement of the debit or card credit you used to purchase the mat.

Thank you for purchasing a Sparkle Mat.

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