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How I Sparkle at Work: The Easiest Way to Raise Your Vibration All Day Long


"You know that feeling when it's 3:00 and you're starting to feel the afternoon lows? Not only do I never have that anymore, but I also enjoy feeling more inspired, energetic, and positive as a result of my Sparkle Sessions."

We asked one of our Reciprocal Collaborators, Faith Davis, how she uses her Sparkle Mat. We LOVE how she uses her mat all day long at work! Take a browse below to find out how you can do it too...

Faith M Davis with Sparkle Mat in her Office

Faith M. Davis is an Integrative Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, and Energy Healer from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. She helps women with chronic symptoms to heal themselves naturally using simple, personalized solutions so they can live pain-free and feel like themselves again. You can learn more about her at

Let's learn about how she uses her mat all day long at work and avoids the afternoon lows...

Which Sparkle Mat do you have/use the most?

I have a Full-Size and Mini Sparkle Mat. I use the mini the most since I can use it at work all day long, however, I have been using my Full-Size mat more lately since my son is away at college and I can leave it set up on his bed.

How long have you been using your Sparkle Mat?

About 8 months

What is your favorite way to use your Sparkle Mat?

Attached to my desk chair so I can enjoy the benefits all day long.

What does a Sparkle Session look like for you?

My Sparkle Mat Mini is attached to the back of my desk chair. Each morning, when I come over to my desk, the first thing I do is turn it on. 

Here are the settings I use and why…


I run it on a 12 hour cycle so that I can enjoy it all day long.

I set the heat to 58°C, which is 136°F. That temp warms me up while I work, which I love because whenever I just sit at a desk all day long, I get cold. Every now and then, I reach my hands behind my back against the Sparkle Mat to warm them up - so handy! The mat automatically cycles the heat so that I don’t get overheated, which is really nice.


I set the PEMF setting to P4 most days, which is the Sparkle setting. It puts me in a joyful mood, but at the same time, it enhances my focus, which is why I love using it while I work. I also find that it keeps me in an alert state. If I ever find myself getting tired, it’s usually because I forgot to turn my mat on! Once I turn it on Sparkle mode, I feel more alert and happier almost instantly. 

When I Use My Full-Size Mat...

Lately, I have been using my Full-Size Sparkle Mat more often since my son is away at college and I can keep it set up on his bed.

It has been a real lifesaver because I have been having a lot of lower back pain. I use the P3 PEMF setting for pain relief and turn the heat to 58°C (136°F).

This is also great because it gives me some time to meditate, which I usually don't take the time to do. Creative ideas have been coming to me for my business during these meditations, so I definitely want to continue them! 

What benefits do you enjoy from your Sparkle Sessions?

  • I get to feel uplifted, focused, and alert all day long.
  • I don’t have to deal with feeling cold while working at my desk.
  • I think it also helps me to avoid having back pain from sitting in my chair all day.

Any additional comments/feedback you’d like to provide?

I also have a full sized Sparkle Mat, which I keep on the bed in our spare bedroom. I use it in the following ways:

  • P1 setting (Zen) for meditation
  • P2 (Mother Earth) when I feel achy or an illness coming on
  • P5 (Deep Sleep) to help put me into a relaxed state before bed

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About the Author

Faith M. Davis is a spiritual coach, energy healer, and writer who helps people understand and utilize their personal energy to bring about self-healing and transformation. She uses the Sparkle Mat to enhance her work. You can connect with her at

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