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How to Use Healing Crystal Kits for Optimal Health & Wellbeing

To fully understand the ways we need to heal, we sometimes have to look beyond physical symptoms to understand the energies and experiences that shape us. By using healing crystal kits, we can tune in to the mental, physical, and spiritual energies within and around us.

Much more than pretty rocks, scientists have found that crystals can help us understand the origins of life. Crystal healing has been used for numerous purposes throughout history, from protection amulets to healing tools.

These ancient methods are once again growing in popularity and are now practiced by celebrities like Adele, Kate Hudson, Victoria Beckham, Jenna Dewan, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

What’s Included in Our Healing Crystal Kits & How Can You Use Them?

Our kits provide all the essentials to truly dive into crystal healing. With an array of stones, shapes, and natural elements, this crystal kit gives you the power to master your own holistic wellbeing.

Our kits provide all the essentials to truly dive into crystal healing. With an array of stones, shapes, and natural elements, this crystal kit gives you the power to master your own holistic wellbeing.

Here’s what is included…

A Set of Chakra Crystals

Beginning from the tailbone at the root and extending to the top of the head at the crown, energy nodes known as chakras work as a strong balancing system to align our thoughts and actions for optimal health. Healing stones contain frequencies that can activate, heal, and strengthen these energy points.

In this kit, we’ve curated seven crystals that correspond to each chakra through the color spectrum to tune its optimal healing vibration:

  • Red Jasper – Root Chakra – Our stabilizing foundation, uniting us with the earth.
  • Agate – Sacral Chakra – Our point of passion, sensuality, and intimate connection.
  • Tiger’s Eye – Solar Plexus Chakra – Our core sense of confidence, ability, and intention.
  • Rose Quartz – Heart Chakra – Our seat of love and the connection of mind and body.
  • Aventurine – Throat Chakra – Our voice to express our truth and convictions.
  • Lapis Lazuli – Third Eye Chakra – Our point of psychic awareness and wisdom.
  • Amethyst – Crown Chakra – Our connection to higher consciousness and purpose.

  • When we understand the interconnectedness of our chakras, we can work to balance their frequencies. Try a chakra crystal meditation for a full body energy cleanse.

    If you feel imbalanced in the area of a certain chakra, carry that stone in your pocket to activate that energy sector throughout the day.

    A Protection Crystal

    Protection crystals help keep the energy that surrounds us cleansed of negativity. In our healing crystal kits, we’ve included Black Tourmaline as the ultimate protector.

    Black Tourmaline absorbs negative frequencies and low vibrations that may try to enter our space as we work to heal. In the healing process, it takes on the harmful energy our bodies may have held and transforms it into usable, positive blessings.

    An Amplifier Crystal

    The purpose of using our healing crystal kits lies in attracting strong, nourishing energy into our bodies and setting the intention to confront what has kept us from health and happiness. An amplifier crystal, either naturally pointed or slightly shaped to have a pointed end, allows us to focus our healing and direct energy more pointedly to that place.

    Our amplifier crystal is Clear Quartz, a stone with the potent ability to take on any intention and magnify it. Use this crystal alongside other crystals to compound their frequencies.

    A Heart Crystal

    Shapes and symbols can act as road signs for the energies around us. With a heart-shaped crystal, the healing vibrations in the air know to shift loving, soothing energy in our direction.

    In our healing crystal kits, a heart-shaped Rose Quartz crystal nurtures the heart chakra, a central node that bridges the lower, more physically focused chakras with the upper, mental chakras.

    A Geode

    Shaped over millennia deep in the ground, these stones house a cluster of sparkling crystals inside an unsuspecting outer shell. We’ve included a geode in our healing crystal kits that will fit in the palm of your hand.

    Because geodes have unique patterns and shapes, we recommend displaying your geode on a spiritual altar to emanate positive energy into the room.

    A Pendulum

    Like an amplifier crystal, a pendulum has a particular use that allows us to detect energy points and direct healing there. Our kits contain an incredible Chakra Pendulum encompassing a set of chakra crystals within it.

    Through a process called dowsing, you can use a pendulum to determine which chakra needs balancing in order to bring your system back into alignment.

    A Rose Quartz Bracelet

    We truly believe in the power of heart healing, and that’s why our healing crystal kits contains three Rose Quartz items! Our third Rose Quartz tool comes in the form of a healing bracelet.

    When we arm ourselves with Rose Quartz to both protect our heart and open it up to possibility, we have the chance to embrace and fully experience life. We can bring loving energy out into the world by wearing this soothing bracelet.

    A Smudge Stick

    Considering the hard work that a set of healing crystals can do for us, we need to make an effort to maintain a clarified, positive space in which to use them and store them. Sage smudge sticks have a fantastic ability to snuff out negative vibrations in our environment.

    To smudge a space, open the windows, light a bundle of dried sage, extinguish the flame, and let the smoke fill the room. To cleanse your crystals and renew their power, simply bathe them in the smoke.

    Wood Box With Latch

    Another important component of caring for our healing crystal kits includes giving them a proper home to rest in when they are not actively in use. We’ve designed a beautiful wooden box with room to safely store your stones.

    A specially designated box for the tools in this kit allows us to have a portable sanctuary in which to facilitate healing and wellness as we travel the world or take root in nature.

    Final Thoughts

    Tap into the personal process of balancing mind and body by using a healing crystal kit. Our kit combines the incredible knowledge of ancient, spiritual and mental healing systems for a holistic approach to wellbeing.

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