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Amethyst BioMat: Is It a Scam & Is There a Better Option?

Last updated May 2022

By Faith M. Davis


  • Over 2 million Amethyst BioMats have been sold!
  • The BioMat therapy uses cutting-edge technology to improve long-term health.
  • How the BioMat compares to Sparkle Mat
  • Is the BioMat a SCAM?

  • An amethyst BioMat is a multi-purpose product used by alternative medicine practitioners and individuals to relax muscles, reduce pain, release stress, and restore people’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

    It uses infrared technology, negative ion therapy, and the superconducting properties of amethyst crystals to address a wide range of health issues and improve wellbeing, including:

  • Sprains
  • Muscle pain
  • Arthritis
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Supports the immune system

  • That other option is Sparkle Mat, and I can’t say enough about it! I love the relaxing, positive benefits of it and it’s now something I use almost everyday for myself and my Reiki clients.

    I’m excited to share with you what I’ve learned about BioMat therapy. So let’s get right to it!

    BioMat Therapy Solutions

    BioMat was the first company to bring this product to the United States, making it an effective alliance for numerous health practitioners and individuals worldwide.

    However, the amethyst BioMat is sold through MLM (multi-level marketing), making the price around $1750, compared to the Sparkle Mat, which is sold direct to consumer and only costs $828.

    That is why JP Richards was inspired to go the extra mile and create his own version of the amethyst BioMat; a more affordable option that features even more healing technologies, such as PEMF and red light therapy.

    In 2020, Sparkle Mats hit the market and became a significant contender for BioMat.

    Let’s compare these two products, dive into each of these technologies, and answer questions about how the amethyst BioMat and Sparkle Mat work, along with their healing effects.

    What is an Amethyst BioMat?

    An amethyst BioMat is a wonderful product that relieves stress and relaxes muscles by enjoying soothing far infrared heat, promoting physical and mental well-being.

    It is an excellent ally for muscle pain, minor joint pain and stiffness, arthritis, and back pain.

    In the long term, amethyst BioMat therapy can reduce fatigue, supports the immune system, improves sleep cycles, relieves inflammation, and boosts oxygen and blood flow.

    I’ll be honest, BioMat is a great product and it’s what inspired JP Richards to create the Sparkle Mat. It was the first mat of its kind designed to promote long-term health in the comfort of your own home, delivering outstanding results.

    However, BioMat is a multilevel marketing company, which means its prices are much higher than they need to be. Many wellness seekers cannot access its benefits because of the price and may settle for a long-term pill-popping regimen or suffer while they search for another solution.

    Is There a Better Option?

    JP Richards experienced tremendous healing through Reiki sessions with the BioMat. His childhood traumas were haunting him, and no other therapy helped him more than repairing his energy body with a Reiki Master who used an amethyst BioMat.

    He was so happy with the results that he became a lover of healing crystals and decided to become a certified Reiki practitioner. JP knew that the BioMat had been a great ally in improving his overall health and he felt inspired by that improvement.

    He wanted to bring long-term wellness to as many people as possible, but the prices of the BioMat were not at all affordable. There had to be another way, and during his morning meditation, he was called to create Sparkle Mats.

    After researching amazing energy medicine modalities, consulting healers, artists, and neuroscientists, this new version of the amethyst BioMat was born.

    In 2020, Sparkle Mat hit the market and has proven to be a big contender to BioMat, with a price that is 50% of the cost and features more healing technologies, such as PEMF and Red Light Therapy.

    Sparkle Mat vs. BioMat

    Now, let’s review the different technologies that both BioMat and Sparkle Mat use and compare their effects and benefits…

    Hot Gemstone Therapy

    Hot gemstone therapy is a type of massage that helps relax muscles, release stress, and repair damaged soft tissues throughout the body.

    The Mayans, Incas, Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, Celtic Druids, ancient Egyptians, and more knew about the healing properties of crystals and used them in their practices to ease people’s discomforts.

    Among their great benefits is the increase of vaso-dilation, which enhances the circulation of vital blood, oxygen, and nutrients.1

    Both mats include Amethyst and Tourmaline. These crystals have the highest emissions of therapeutic infrared rays and negative ions, as well as unique pranic (subtle energy) qualities.2

    Tourmaline’s qualities include:

  • Grounding and protecting
  • Reducing overthinking of irrational ideas for greater clarity/li>
  • Promoting relaxation and stress relief.3
  • Amethyst is a powerful stone with spiritual properties that safeguards the subtle energies of sensitive beings.4 It offers the following benefits and more:

  • Treats addictions (alcohol, smoking, overspending, social media, etc.)
  • Helps us tap into our intuition and reach higher states of consciousness
  • Assists us in warding off “energy vampires”
  • Far Infrared (FIR) Therapy

    Far Infrared Heat (FIR) Therapy is an invisible form of light and is the sun’s most energizing radiant heat. It is an entirely natural and safe method of warming the muscles to repair damaged tissue and increase blood circulation, and both mats use FIR.

    The word “infrared” means “below red,” as these waves are just below those of visible red light.5

    If the word infrared alarms you, you might be mistaking it for ultraviolet rays, which are damaging to our skin. Infrared, however, is entirely safe as it brings numerous benefits to the body and overall health.6

    One of the great benefits of FIR is sweat-inducing. Sweat detoxifies the body and raises the heart rate to a level of exercising.7

    For more than 50 years, the Japanese have been researching infrared light (FIR) saunas, finding many health and pain-relieving benefits and concluding that they are entirely safe for human beings.8

    Amethyst BioMat therapy heats up quickly to 160 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celsius), which delivers FIR that penetrates about 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) into the body to help repair damaged tissue and increase blood circulation.9

    But FIR heat therapy has several other benefits. It gives the skin a natural glow that radiates health and well-being. It also supports weight loss by eliminating water retention. FIR heat therapy reduces stress, improves sleep, stimulates muscle tissue building, enhances cognitive function, and boosts the immune system.

    Negative Ion Therapy

    Both amethyst BioMats and Sparkle Mats use Negative Ion Therapy. Don’t be fooled by the word “negative” because these ions bring countless benefits.

    Since 1950, experts have successfully shown that an abundance of negative ions in the air promotes optimal health, while a lack of ions or a higher ratio of positive to negative ions can cause physical harm.10

    Have you experienced the pleasant sense of wellness brought to us by the ocean? No wonder most people choose to retire near the beach. Ocean waves, waterfalls, bonfires, and plants all create negative ions in the environment, making us feel energized and ready to conquer the world.

    The effect of too few negative ions and too many positive ones (Positive Ions > Negative Ions) is known as “pos-ion poisoning” and it’s often a result of air conditioning (AC), smog, prolonged air/car travel, and weather disturbances.11

    The worst part is that we spend most of our lives in this type of environment. Our offices, businesses, schools, and shopping malls are loaded with positive ions, leading to severe allergies, fever, asthma, anxiety, fatigue, lack of sleep, and migraine headaches.

    European countries take ion depletion very seriously, which is why many businesses, hospitals, cars, airplanes, and banks have installed negative ion generators.12

    Negative Ion Therapy relieves allergies and asthma by attracting harmful airborne particles (pollen, dust, pet dander, secondhand smoke, pollution, chemicals, bacteria, and viruses) and pulls them to the ground.

    It also boosts concentration, improves mood, and promotes deep sleep.

    Both the Sparkle Mat and the amethyst BioMat heat amethyst and tourmaline stones to create over 1,500+ negative ions per square inch to achieve the benefits of negative ions and offset the positive-ion disruption we are bombarded with.

    Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

    PEMF is a powerful therapy that offers tremendous benefits and has countless healing applications.

    This technology is offered exclusively by Sparkle Mat, a therapy which was even recently introduced at Harvard and Duke medical schools for psychiatrists.13The amethyst BioMat does not include this healing technology.

    The following explanation may be a bit technical, but once you understand its mechanism, you will marvel at its implications.

    Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are naturally occurring at VLF (very low frequency) in and outside the body, ranging from 0.5 Hz (Delta) to 50 Hz (Gamma).

    Our very own Mother Earth emits a 7.83 Hz (Theta) frequency, also known as “Schumann’s Frequency”.14

    However, concrete, rubber soles, tires, and plastic have been separating us from the earth and preventing direct contact with it for a long time.

    What are the consequences? We city-dwellers are deprived of these healthy VLF EMFs (0.5 Hz to 50 Hz).

    Plus, every day, we are overwhelmed by unhealthy high-frequency (HF) EMFs from power lines (60 Hz) and 5G internet (5,000 Hz).

    The medical breakthroughs that PEMF has brought are remarkable.

    Dr. Pawluk, the foremost authority on PEMF, has gathered over 500+ studies ranging from pain to anxiety to sleeplessness, and the clinically proven benefits of PEMF.15

    That’s why the FDA officially approved PEMF wellness devices like the Sparkle Mat in 201816 and Dr. OZ devoted an entire episode in 2015 to talking about its pain-relieving benefits.17

    In addition, this technology offered by Sparkle Mat has 14 different PEMF programs that offer different benefits, such as helping you sleep, relax, ground, focus, heal, and enjoy a state of bliss or gratitude, thus restoring the body’s natural biorhythms.

    Red Light Therapy

    Red Light Therapy is another state-of-the-art technology offered exclusively by Sparkle Mat (not by the amethyst BioMat).

    The therapeutic benefits of the red-light wavelength are called “photobiomodulation,” which is when light strikes a living biological tissue and triggers a physiological response.

    The highest amount of photobiomodulation is “Red Light Therapy” (RLT), which uses lasers or LEDs at 660 nm.

    NASA was responsible for discovering the benefits of RLT, first as a way to grow plants in space18, then for improvement in musculoskeletal training injuries of Navy Seals19, and finally to relieve pain in cancer patients.20

    Also, the Journal of Rheumatology found that RTL helped reduce pain by 70% in people with rheumatoid arthritis.

    Since then, many people have taken advantage of the benefits of RLT therapy. Clinics use it as a non-invasive treatment to reduce pain, and hair restoration clinics use it to stimulate hair growth. Spas use this therapy to promote collagen production, which is responsible for youthful, smooth skin.

    Even fitness models and bodybuilders use RLT therapy for muscle recovery and athletic performance.

    Mat Design & Look

    There are significant differences in the design and aesthetics of the BioMat and the Sparkle Mat. Of course, what matters are their healing effects and quality, but if you invest a fair amount of money in a product that many of your patients are going to see and that you will be looking at each day, it should look nice, shouldn’t it?

    The amethyst BioMat has a generic brown color that resembles something stiff and lifeless rather than a healing device.

    In contrast, the Sparkle Mat is purple, the color of the third eye chakra, representing the profound transformation of our energies and the close contact with our spirit.

    Purple represents strength, transformation, power, and wisdom. This color helps us tap into our intuition to restore our health and align with our highest purpose.


    The warranty of your amethyst BioMat is one of the most critical issues to consider before purchasing it, especially if you are aiming to enjoy this product for many years to come.

    Every manufacturer should offer a warranty on their products, ensuring they are high quality and have no manufacturing defects.

    BioMat offers only a one year warranty, while Sparkle Mat has a 5-year limited warranty to help you rest assured.

    Money-Back Guarantee

    The whole purpose of the money-back guarantee is to build trust with customers, especially on new-to-market products such as Sparkle Mat or even those that aren’t well-known, like the amethyst BioMat.

    Sparkle Mat offers a 108-day risk-free trial, allowing customers to return their product if they are not satisfied.

    n contrast, BioMat only offers a 7 to 30-day risk-free trial for you to try their product and return it if there are any issues.

    Sparkle Mat Saves You Money

    Multi-level marketing is a sales strategy in which non-salaried representatives sell products from a company to an end consumer. However, these sales representatives don’t have to buy the inventory to sell it.

    These salespeople are not considered employees. They earn a commission depending on the number of products they sell and the number of people they recruit to sell more products independently.

    This commission system leads to the products being priced much higher than they should be. And it makes it almost impossible to contact the actual manufacturer of the product.

    BioMat is a multi-level marketing company, while Sparkle Mats produces and sells Amethyst BioMats directly to consumers.

    Sparkle Mats direct ton consumer strategy eliminates many intermediaries involved in the distribution. As a result, the overall cost remains reasonable, and the consumer gets a better experience in purchasing their new product.


    And finally, let’s talk about the different prices between the amethyst BioMat and Sparkle Mat, knowing that the quality of the product has nothing to do with the number of zeros displayed in the price.

    BioMat is $1750, while Sparkle Mats are much more reasonable at $828 (with options to pay as low as $135).

    But not only is the Sparkle Mat about half the price of the BioMat; because of the additional technologies installed in the Sparkle Mat, you’re getting much more bang for your buck.

    To get the same level of benefits from the BioMat, you’d have to pay $1,750 for the mat and then you’d also need to get a PEMF mat like Bemer (a PEMF only mat), which costs about $6000.

    Both BioMat and Bemer are sold exclusively through multi-level marketing, which inflates their cost to an unbelievable amount of $7,750.

    In contrast, Sparkle Mat is offered directly to the customer, and it’s all included in one mat, allowing you to save up to 89.3%.

    Are Amethyst BioMats a Scam?

    You can probably answer this question yourself after all the research and scientific facts I presented in this article that back up the efficacy of this type of amethyst BioMat therapy.

    The technology behind these products are the same ones used by top hospitals and medical schools to treat their patients and relieve their pain.

    So why is there a rumor suggesting that the amethyst BioMat is a scam?

    The answer is that it has nothing to do with the product’s effectiveness. Instead, it has to due with the people in the multi-level marketing industry making unsubstantiated claims that it can cure cancer and free you from all your problems.

    While relaxation and clearing the chakras (things which these mats can do) can help improve our health, there is no scientific evidence to support it curing anything.

    But the benefits of using these types of mats are obvious.

    Amethyst BioMat therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. However, it promotes pain relief, muscle relaxation, blood circulation, and many other benefits, as mentioned above.

    Final Thoughts

    An amethyst BioMat like the Sparkle Mat is one of the best tools for health practitioners and anyone who is trying to enhance their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

    There is no doubt of the wide range of benefits that this type of amethyst BioMat can bring to its users. Now, the real question is how accessible is it to the average person?

    The BioMat was the first product on the market to offer technology supported by scientific evidence that promotes wellness and pain relief.

    However, it’s clear that BioMat’s prices make its products virtually inaccessible to many people.

    The Sparkle Mat is much more affordable and features more healing technologies, such as PEMF and Red Light Therapy.

    In addition, the Sparkle Mat offers a 5-year limited warranty compared to the one-year warranty provided by BioMat, so try a Sparkle Mat now, risk-free for 180 days!

    Most importantly, you will have in your hands a fantastic product designed to boost your well-being and help you enjoy a healthier life.

    About the Author

    Faith M. Davis is a spiritual coach, energy healer, and writer who helps people understand and utilize their personal energy to bring about self-healing and transformation. She uses the Sparkle Mat to enhance her work. You can connect with her at

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